Escape Rooms

Come Experience the 13th Hour Escape rooms in Northern NJ. Choose any of the 5 escape games to play, John Hayden’s Room, The Great Room, The Cookhouse, The Dungeon or our newest room The Grand Parlor. With the most original and intricate puzzles, multi themed rooms, and secret passage ways, these have become the top escape games in the country area.

John Hayden Room

Do you have the guts to enter the Hayden Farm House, a place where countless murders were committed? Your adventure should you dare to take it on, starts in John Hayden’s Room where your task is to find out who John Hayden is going to kill next. John Hayden tortured and slaughtered innocent people; they tried to escape his farm, get help and bring him to justice. But all attempts failed. Each and every one of his victims met their demise. So, fearless friends, your decision must be made. You know what to do: gather your courage, take a deep breath, and get your tickets now!

holds up to 8 people

The Great Room

This is the Hayden families room of murders. This section of the farmhouse is known as the Great Room. This massive section of the farmhouse will challenge your witts in all fashions. Multiple sections, secret passage ways and puzzles you nevered experienced before will have your team running mad. What terrible secrets lies within the Great Room. Just what were the Hayden family members up too. Just be warned you have only 60 minutes to complete the Great Room and save yourselves. Do you have what it takes? Get your tickets now!

holds up to 10 people

The Cookhouse

This is where the disembodiment of all victims took place! You and your group have 60 minutes to find out who the very last victim was before hurricane Doria demolished the Farmhouse and ended the spree of murders committed by the Hayden’s. With Mind bending puzzles, multiple sections and secret passage ways you and your team will all need to work together for the time of your lives. Get your tickets now!

holds up to 6 people

The Dungeon

Our newest room, the Dungeon offers a unique challenge that is only for the tough. Faint of heart beware. You start your game blindfolded and led to your cells. You get chained and locked into your cells unaware of your surroundings. Do you have what it takes to escape? THIS IS A 4-6 PERSON GAME ONLY. Get your tickets now!

holds up to 6 people

The Grand Parlor

You all have been chosen, chosen for a simple task of wit and courage. It seems someone has misplaced Bishop Hayden’s ashes. As uncaring as this may seem, it’s actually very important. Bishop and Edna Hayden were a killing team back in their time and they must be reunited in the afterlife. If you find Bishop’s urn and they are reunited, we will let you leave without harm. If not, you will all become part of the Hayden farmhouse forever! You have 60 minutes! Good Luck.

holds up to 10 people

Escape rooms are open all year, everyday except Mondays.  Tickets must be purchased online, these rooms are limited and sell out most nights.